EIFC Working Papers

Working Papers are available in PDF format.

WP 04-41Sources of finance for European investment (PDF 368 Kb) by Alex Cobham Abstract

WP 04-40 European Financial Market Integration, Private Investment and Employment Creation (PDF 279 Kb) by Valpy FitzGerald Abstract

WP 04-39 Investment Finance and Monetary Policy in Europe (PDF 264 Kb) by Alex Cobham Abstract

WP 04-38 The Public Provision of Sales Contingent Contracts as a Policy Response to Financial Constraints to Innovation in European SMEs. (PDF 208 Kb) by Alessandra Canepa, Kim Kaivanto and Paul Stoneman Abstract

WP 04-37 Financial Markets And The European Economy: A Synthesis of Research Findings (PDF 206 Kb) by Anthony Bartzokas Abstract

WP 03-36 Recent Developments in the Financing Role of the Stock Market for French Corporations (PDF 298 Kb) by Mary O'Sullivan Abstract

WP 03-35 An Efficiency Analysis of Banking Systems: A Comparison of European and United States Large Commercial Banks Using Different Functional Forms (PDF 275 Kb) by Bernardo Maggi and Stefania P. S. Rossi Abstract

WP 04-34 Banks, Financial Innovations and Regional Growth (PDF 244 Kb) by Santiago Carbó Valverde, Rafael López del Paso and Francisco Rodríguez Fernández Abstract

WP 03-33 Volatility Spillover Effects in European Equity Markets: Evidence from aRegime Switching Model (PDF 736 Kb) by Lieven Baele Abstract

WP 03-32 Corporate Financing in The Netherlands: Some Empirical Evidence (PDF 182 Kb)by Rezaul Kabir Abstract

WP 03-31 Ingredients for The New Economy: How Much Does Finance Matter? (PDF 574 Kb) by M. Bugamelli, P. Pagano, , F. Paternò, A.F. Pozzolo, S. Rossi and F. Schivardi Abstract

WP 03-30 "Does Size Matter?" Financial Restructuring Under Emu (PDF 190 Kb) by Philip Molyneux Abstract

WP 03-29 Changes in German Finance: Introducing More "Market" Into aBank-Based System (PDF 208 Kb) by Sigurt Vitols Abstract

WP 03-28 Financing Constraints in the Inter Firm Diffusion of New Process Technologies (PDF 171 Kb) by Alessandra Canepa and Paul Stoneman Abstract

WP 03-27 Driving Forces of Venture Capital Investments in Europe: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis (PDF 194 Kb) by Andrea Schertler Abstract

WP 03-26 Labour and Financial Market Determinants of Investment Decisions in Europe (PDF 178 Kb) by Giorgio Calcagnini Abstract

WP 03-25 Investment and Financing Constraints: What Does the Data Tell? (PDF 556 Kb) by Philip Vermeulen Abstract

WP 03-24 Learning and Signalling in The French and German Venture Capital Industries (PDF 332 Kb) by Michael Stolpe Abstract

WP 03-23 The Growth-Finance Nexus and European Integration:
A Macroeconomic Perspective
(PDF 257 Kb) by Fabio Mariani and Pier Carlo Padoan Abstract

WP 03-22 Convergence and Divergence in the European Financial Services Sector: The Pace of Diffusion of Banking Technologies and Regulations in European Financial Environments, and Strategic Behaviour of Incumbent Financial Firms (PDF 269 Kb)
by Bert Flier, Frans A. J. van den Bosch and Henk W. Volberda
February 2003 Abstract

WP 03-21 Technical Change, Costs and Profits in European Banking (PDF 176 Kb)
by Phil Molyneux Abstract

WP 03-20 Shareholder Wealth Effects of European Domestic and Cross-Border Takeover Bids (PDF 235 Kb) by Marc Goergen and Luc Renneboog Abstract

WP 03-19 External and Internal Financial Structures in Europe: A Corporate Finance Perspective (PDF 696 Kb) by Claudia M. Buch, Ralph P. Heinrich and Andrea Schertler Abstract

WP 03-18 Corporate Finance when Monetary Policy Tightens:
How do Banks and Non-Banks Affect Access to Credit?
(PDF 211 Kb) by Paul Mizen and Cihan Yalcin Abstract

WP 03-17 Financial Sector, Regulation and Corporate Performance: The Case of Spain (PDF 224 Kb) by Santiago Carbó Abstract

WP 03-16 Regulation and Financial Innovation Trends in European Banking and the Impact on the Supply and Demand for Financial Services in Europe (PDF 227 Kb) by Philip Molyneux Abstract

WP 03-15. The Diffusion of New Process Technologies:International Comparisons (PDF 190 Kb) by Alessandra Canepa and Paul Stoneman Abstract

WP 02-14 Integration of European Banking and Financial Markets
(PDF 217 Kb) by David Marques Ibanez and Phil Molyneux Abstract

WP 02-13 Technological and Structural Change in the European Banking Industry (PDF 167 Kb) by Marie Panopoulou Abstract

WP 02-12 The Determinants of Underpricing:
Initial Public Offerings on the Neuer Markt and the Nouveau Marché

(PDF 230 Kb) by Andrea Schertler, March 2002 Abstract

WP 02-11 Financial Constraints on Innovation: A European Cross Country Study by A. Canepa and B. Stoneman (PDF 208 Kb) Abstract

WP 02-10 The Certification Role of Private Equity Investors: Evidence from Initial Public Offerings on the Nouveau Marché and the Neuer Markt (PDF 168 Kb) by Andrea Schertler, March 2002 Abstract

WP 02-9 Finance, Investment and Innovation: Empirical and Theoretical Challenges (PDF 178 Kb) by Leonardo Becchetti and Jaime Sierra, March 2002 Abstract

WP 01-8 Financial Factors and the Inter Firm Diffusion of New Technology: a Real Options Model (PDF 124 Kb) by Paul Stoneman, December 2001 Abstract

WP 01-7 Heterogeneity and Change in European Financial Environments (PDF 143 Kb), by Paul Stoneman, November 2001 Abstract

WP 01-6 EMU, Monetary Policy and the Role of Financial Constraints (PDF 155 Kb) by Alex Cobham, December 2001 Abstract

WP 01-5 The Growth-Finance Nexus and European Integration. A Review of the Literature (PDF 183 Kb) by A. Carettoni, S. Manzocchi, and P.C. Padoan, December 2001 Abstract

WP 01-4 Venture Capital in Europe's Common Market: A Quantitative Description , (PDF 436 Kb) by Andrea Schertler, November 2001 Abstract

WP 01-3 Technological Diffusion and the Financial Environment (PDF 111 Kb) by Paul Stoneman, November 2001 Abstract

WP 01-2: Financial Structure and Investment Decision: A Survey of Theoretical and Empirical Work (PDF 907 Kb) by Enrico Saltari, December 2001 Abstract

WP 01-1 European Financial Markets after Emu: A Review of Recent Literature and Evidence (PDF 203 Kb) by Anthony Bartzokas. Abstract